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Meet Our Staff

Keiko Misaka

Founder / Representative Director / Elementary School English Activities Instructor



Sofia Kartika
 Director / OYACO editor in chief



Asako Fusamae

Director / Mama's Cafe CotLon Owner / Aeromexico In-flight Interpreter



Elena Quesada Diaz

VIDA English playgroup leader



Sharing Caring Culture offers English Playgroup, Multi-cultural Class and Family Weekend Event in English



What is Sharing Caring culture?


Sharing Caring Culture is a private organization established in February 2014. Through cultural activities, we aim to help non-Japanese residents build relationships with Japanese residents.

Local government and Nonprofit Organizations (NPO) currently provide services for non-Japanese residents ranging from assistance with daily life in different languages to offering Japanese language courses.


However, there are all sorts of non-Japanese residents. We believe the kind of support a resident alien needs depends on his or her situation and the needs of non-Japanese change over time.


Some of these long-term residents are able to get by but no longer feel satisfied because they can’t contribute to their community.


We realized we should set up an opportunity for people from other countries who want to contribute their knowledge and skills to their community and serve and connect with people.


Sharing Caring Culture offers 

①English playgroup sessions

②Multi-cultural class

③Publishing a childcare reference booklet "OYACO" in English


Sharing Caring Cultureは、2014年2月、外国人住民と日本人がカルチャーを通して交流することを目的としてつくられた任意団体です。








Sharing Caring Cultureは、異なる国籍を持つ人々が母語や母国の文化を生かした活動を通して、地域の住民とつながるための場づくりとして、


①VIDA Playgroup (未就学児の英語親子交流会)の開催






Mayumi Matsuda

Workshop designer/facilitator



Miki Sakamoto

Workshop designer/facilitator



Rujida Kuga

Senior cooking instructor